Weekend Sculpture Class @ Necessary Arts

Reimagining the Portrait: Two Day Sculpting session with Troy Coulterman

APRIL 22 and 23, 2017

Register at www.troycoulterman.com

For more info e-mail info@troycoulterman.com

Cost: $125 (Materials included)

This is not your typical portraiture class. We will stay away from taxidermy and the attempt to anatomically reproduce the human figure. In the words of Al Hirschfeld, “because in that way lies madness...I think anyways”. Hammering away at a nose, eyes, or lips until it resembles that specific individual’s features can be a fruitful exercise, but is it always necessary? In this sculpture session we will make an attempt at decoding the face, focusing on simple gestures, lines, forms, and shapes. We will throw perfection out the door, we will liberate ourselves from the skeletal and muscular structures of the human face, we will focus on the emotional intent of the artist and make an attempt in capturing the essence of an individual in clay.

On day one Coulterman will go through the creation of an armature for portraiture sculpture. He will introduce several sculpting techniques and creative exercises to loosen up those hands and brains to prepare for working with a life model.

On day two the class will have a full session of sculpting the portrait of a life model. Coulterman will continue to guide the class through sculpting the portrait and continue to introduce sculpting techniques.

Provided Supplies (included with registration): Laguna WED Clay, Armature components with base, Two specialized sculpting tools made by Troy Coulterman, general plastic sculpting tool kit

*Note: We will be using an air drying clay that cannot be fired and will eventually dry out and crumble. If there is enough interest there can potentially be a follow up session on creating plaster molds and casting a hard copy of your creation in plaster.

Artist Biography:

Troy Coulterman is an artist who resides in Guelph, Ontario. His sculptures have been featured in Hi-Fructose Magazine and since 2006, has been featured in numerous commercial and public art galleries across Canada in both Ontario and Saskatchewan and entered the gallery scene in the United States in New York, San Diego and Oregon in 2013. His works have been included in numerous group exhibitions, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York (2016), 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine, Los Angeles (2015), Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina (2014), Marcas Contemporary, Los Angeles (2014), University of Saskatoon (2011). In 2014 Coulterman had his first major solo show in Canada at the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Saskatchewan's largest public art gallery.

For the past decade Coulterman has immersed himself in the world of sculpture working as a studio instructor for the University of Regina and Seneca College, foundry assistant and specialist in Ontario and Scotland, and a mold maker/fabricator behind the scenes in the television and movie industry. His work challenges his viewers perceptions of the world around them through figures which embody abstract visual metaphors.

Coulterman has received the Sculptors Society of Canada MST Bronze Ltd Award (2006), Emerging Artists Grant, Ontario Arts Council (2009), Abraham and Malka Green Award, Emerging Sculptors Exhibition (2010), the Saskatchewan Arts Board Independent Artists Grant (2013) and has been short-listed for the Lieutenant Governor's Arts Award in Saskatchewan.